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framed screens of any size

Available in sizes 4/3 and 16/9, from a base of 165 cm up to lengths over 20 mt!

FRAMED SCREEN projection films are born from the need to have available high quality projection surfaces, which can be managed quickly and easily. For this reason, conical connections made of die-cast have been studied to allow rapid assembly and blocking of the parts, guaranteeing the perfect tension of the sheets.

Top Quality Components

The aluminum profiles used for the realization of our screens (alloy 6060TS – triple chamber) are tightly strenghened and painted by fire.

The drilling of aluminum profiles takes place thanks to a special customizede equipment that allows a precision drilling, to guarantee the perfect interchangeability of the elements.

The PVC used for the realization of the front projection screens is of the lenticular type with a visual rendering of 1.3. The back is silver plated to prevent any disturbance.

very quick assembly

Thanks to the patented automatic button mounting system, the fixing of the cloth will take a few minutes operation and the screen tension will be perfect.

The cloth is very elastic and its application allows it to stretch perfectly; at room temperature after about 20 minutes it stretches and loses all wrinkles caused by transport and packaging.

The rear projection screens with a ratio of 1.6 ensure a reduced loss of brightness and a gain in comparison with traditional canvases.

Choose your size

FRAMED SCREEN is available in a wide range of standard sizes, both in the 4/3 and in the 16/9 format.

The length of the framework can be designed depending on the screen size and customer requirements. For widths over 6 meters, tie rods are installed on the back of the front projection screen to guarantee the perfect line of the frame.

Upon the requirements of the customers (for example of transport or installation) screens of any size and proportion can be made.


The 6 reasons that make this product unique!

Easy and quick assemblage

In a few minutes your screen will be ready for your projection.
The tools required for assembly are present in the package.

Material quality

Aluminum frame – 6060TS triple chamber alloy, high precision drilling.
Lenticular PVC sheet with a visual rendering of 1,3.


Fastening system of the fabric through PVC snap buttons with anti-tear system.


Thanks to the sliding system on wheels, our screens meet any requirement.

Custom solutions

We can produce screens of any size, shape and proportion.

Duration in time

The high quality of the materials allows us to guarantee the product for 5 years.

Some installations


Build your own screen

Request a quote

For your customized screen


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